Northern Growth Academy

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Home Leadership and Management Specialist Subjects

Specialist Subjects

Specialist Subjects:

The following short course interventions are aimed at quickly helping leaders and
managers to develop the competence and confidence they need to bring quality
leadership and management to those they are responsible for. Bringing clear thinking and
real solutions to complex issues, our courses produce workable strategies that get results.

Our Leadership Series

  • Leading Change
  • Managing Poor Performance
  • Managing your Boss!
  • Leading with Confidence
  • Leading with Style
  • Managing Your Gauges
  • Managing Conflict
  • The Art of Delegation
  • Leadership: The Ability to Inspire and Influence

Teams, Tips and Tools

  • Know Your Staff – Build Your Team
  • Will Skill Matrix
  • Team Building – how it works!
  • Why Vision Matters so Much!
  • Group Dynamics at Work
  • Dealing with Difficult Behaviour
  • Mediation Skills
  • Reducing Disciplinary Action!
  • Keys to Effective Communication
  • Empowering Others

Managing Yourself!

  • Staying Focused
  • Mastering Stress in the Workplace
  • Getting & Staying Organised
  • Staying Positive and Passionate at Work
  • Time Mastery
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • Staying Calm under Pressure