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Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is how individuals and organisations can plan and commit to improving and broadening their knowledge, skills  and personal qualities required to sustain and progress in their professional lives.

Standing still is simply not an options and the benefits are massive for individuals and organisations where CPD is regarded as a priority. Northern Growth Academy, specialists ion helping people develop themselves and their careers, can help you to assess your current levels of achievement and the range of steps that can be taken to make a significant advance.


Our Approach to CPD

Building on your existing learning and experience we will help you identify the training, resources and available tools available to support CPD for an individual, a group of employees or across a whole organisation. Our focus is you and your success leading to solid gains and progression.

Our strong commitment to a personalized approach includes relevant information and primarily adopts a coaching and mentoring approach. We are committed to the development of reflective practice and the follow up of the necessary practical steps to apply what is being learned. With various interactive developmental tools, ideas and examples, we help to create tailor-made activities and tasks that support individual and organisational achievement.

We will:

  • Conduct an assessment of current knowledge and skill levels to help identify the gaps
  • Explore available and relevant resources and activities before agreeing an overall strategy
  • Provide support as people begin to put into practice their new knowledge and skill
  • Encourage reflection on learning
  • Help to measure progress and to identify next steps
  • Provide methods for recording your activities, reflections and subsequent progress.

For more information about our CPD opportunities contact Syd Niven