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Leader & Manager Toolkit

Leader & Manager's Toolkit

This course is for the new leader, manager or for those who, having been leading or managing for a while, want to take a fresh look at how they can achieve better results for their business. It's particularly helpful to leaders & managers of SME's although these 'essentials' are relevant to every business and organisation. It is often easy for leaders and managers to become 'bogged down' in the things that don't really produce results. This compact day focuses on some of the essential tools involved in leading and managing well!

  • Know your Business - how to get to grips with vision, values and culture, goals and systems - and how they work together in a successful organisation
  • Know your Staff - how to recognise and respond to your staff, and to get great results
  • Know your Style - how different styles of leadership and management work best for you and your staff
  • Engaging your Staff - how to help your staff to be the best they can be
  • Managing the Pressure - mastering the time and the tensions of leadership & management
  • Staying in Front - mastering the art of leading others, and staying fresh, relevant and future focused
Course Fee: £247
We also work closely with organisations wanting to make real gains from this course by running the course over two full days, or providing follow up coaching groups to help the course participants carry across their learning into their work sphere. Please contact us for more details.