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Personal Development

At the heart of all professional growth is the essential area of personal development.

People rightly will spend significant amounts of time, energy and money gathering qualifications and experience within their field or specialism. However, what is also true is that when the heat is on, or the pressure mounts, it is our personal life and resources that make the difference. The reality is there is an overlapping of these two spheres where one impacts and influences the other. By shifting our focus to consider both spheres people often discover their difficulty is more about their personal dynamics rather than their professional expertise.

The need to learn new ideas, new ways of working, of being, thinking and behaving requires an openness and flexibility that often challenges some of our previous ways. Doing the same thing over and over again will not give us different results! Learning new ways of thinking and responding to situations becomes really important. Far better to develop a lifestyle of reflection and personal development than to wait for the storm to arrive and then try to address a need under pressure!

At NGA there is a strong emphasis on personal growth as well as professional development. Using a range of approaches we work with all our clients to create tailor made solutions for their growth and development, a highly personalized approach that meets their needs and aspirations.

If you want to know more then call Syd Niven for an informal conversation.